chokomode is a unique clothing line offering individual collections of rich quality fabric for today’s professional woman whether at work or at play. Our designs are classy, sophisticated, and elegant yet boast a figure-flattering tailored fit.

We are passionate about creating indelible first impressions for the style-functional woman. Our clothing is designed for authority and power while embracing the soft and sexy femininity within every woman.

chokomode celebrates the cultural essence of each piece of fabric that is globally imported and recognized in our designs.

We strive to give our customers the exclusive experience of feeling beautiful by wearing the finest garments that flow with dignity and grace for every mood.  Our brand symbolizes the essence of the well-dressed woman while offering a high-quality collection of fashion items built for the success and lifestyle of the modern working woman.  Our clothing represents an expression of who we are as women and the perception based on what we wear.

Our fashionable collection is comprised of versatile business attire and after work evening wear ranging from business and leisure suits, alternating jackets, pants, and skirts, as well as colorful and comfortable cocktail dresses.  Our custom designs are made to compliment the career-to-casual minded wardrobe and embody confidence with detailed feminine appeal worthy to compliment any woman of any size.

Welcome to chokomode!


Marcelle proudly hails from Cameroon, Central Africa before transplanting to the United States. Growing up in an Atelier, she developed an interest for fashion at a very early age,  Driven by her passion for fashion, she sets up chokomode headquarter in New York, the fashion capital of the world, and taking courses at FIT, Marcelle is determined to make her original chokomode brand of style and apparel a worldwide standard of the fashion industry.  

 The name "chokomode" was inspired by Marcelle's grandmother's name Choko,  but decided to add "mode" to emphasize the unique spirit, culture and heritage of strong professional women across the globe.  Thus the tagline, "dressing the professional woman with elegance" was born.

Influenced by her French-African roots, she was compelled to build a brand from the ground up that spoke to sophisticated women from various backgrounds, ethnicities and walks of life.


Tel: 646-528-5088